open plan living area with carpet, coffee table and plants

Choosing the Right Carpet for Your New Home

 Carpet has been a popular flooring choice for homes for decades, so much so that it is considered standard for areas like bedrooms and TV rooms. Used widely for its warmth and acoustic properties, carpet is also a great option for its ability to be easily matched with the unique styling of your custom new …

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Grey floor tiles with cutting instrument, ruler and pencil

Ceramic Floor tiles for your home

Are you considering ceramic or porcelain tiles for your new home? ‘Ceramic tile’ has become a generic term that applies to a wide range of tiles made from fired clay. While the term is generic, there are differences in the products that fall under it which can have an impact on the cost, appearance and …

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Examples of Colour Options of Laminated Floor Boards for New Home

Laminated flooring for your home

Are you considering timber laminate flooring for your home? Timber laminate flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option in new homes due to its ability to simulate the aesthetic warmth of hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost. Just as it does for your kitchen cabinets and bench tops, laminated flooring also comes in …

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Bamboo Floors For New Homes Melbourne

Bamboo floors for your home

An example of bamboo flooring Have You Considered Bamboo Floors for Your New Home as a Timber alternative? The type of flooring for a new home is something that you need to consider for every single room in the house. There are a number of options and Bamboo flooring is one worth considering.     …

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Floating Floors in New Home

Floating floors for your home

An example of engineered floor When you’re Building a Home, you’ll need to Consider using Floating  Floors and Engineered Timber Floorboards as an option Still referred to as a timber floor, floating floors can be a less expensive option than regular floorboards and can look just as beautiful. Instead of using a solid board, to …

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Timber floors for new homes

Traditional Solid Timber Floors

An example of Chestnut used in one of our homes Should you choose traditional solid timber floors for your home? Before you make any decision on flooring and especially solid timber floors, you want to speak to builders with experience. Renmark have been building homes for over 20 years so we know what works and …

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Timber Floors for New Homes Melbourne

Your starter guide to timber floors when building a new home

Start here as a guide to timber floors when building a new home. We’ve been talking about home flooring options with people just like you for years now and the appeal of timber floors is impossible to deny and certainly one that people talk about given environmental choices, floor space and lifestyle. They will suit …

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