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As available land in Melbourne becomes scarcer, block sizes smaller and more expensive, underground parking is becoming more and more appealing, especially in urban locations.

Underground parking solutions for houses have many advantages over above ground parking; it makes a lot more land available for non-parking uses.

When you consider that up to 30% of a ground floor foot-print can go to car accommodation, utility and storage, it makes sense putting some of these components underground.

Custom Homes Basement Construction

To assist you to understand basement construction Melbourne, we have put together some informative videos based on one of our own custom new home builds. Part 1 of the basement home is below.

Basements come in a number of configurations and are common on sloping sites, to take advantage of the fall of the land. In such cases these basements are only partly underground and are a combination of basement and standard brick veneer construction.

When we talk about basement homes and the cost of building them, we are referring to homes with what is referred to as full basements. These are normally found on a flat block, where we would excavate down into the ground to create an underground space.

There are some great ways to use the basement space. It could be a combination of your car space, and storage or a wine cellar. We could create a space for you to work-out, entertain or use as your very own cinema room. Or maybe you need an underground solution for a car and jet ski or other hobbies. Speak to us about a basement floor plan as part of the luxury home we will build for you.

Choosing the Right Builder for your Basement

It can be difficult to find a builder that has experience building basements with houses but Renmark Homes has expertise in basement construction and can help with advice on how best to incorporate a basement as part of your custom new home design.

With over 25 years building prestige homes, we have the capability to not just build a basement for you but provide advice so you have a floor plan to suit your lifestyle.

You'll want to choose a builder wisely to make sure you have your basement built correctly to avoid problems further on down the track.

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