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We encourage our clients to note down the aspects they like from Renmark Homes' dual occupancy home ideas as a great starting point to getting your very own duplex design.

Our dual occupancy home design range is a selection of dual occupancy homes recently built in the inner North and Western suburbs of Melbourne. They showcase what can be achieved on the larger blocks found in these suburbs and show that a dual occupancy, is a home and not what was traditionally called a townhouse. As expert, dual occupancy builders Melbourne, Renmark Homes ensures your home is quality all the way through.

Why People Choose a Dual Occupancy Home

The reason dual occupancy developments are so popular now, is because they allow for land owners to live comfortably in their own home whilst capitalizing on their investment by building another dwelling on the block that they can either sell or rent out. It makes good financial sense to consider a dual occupancy design before you make a final decision on your prestige home.

Surprisingly, our dual occupancy homes are built to accommodate a family. Because Renmark Homes has a range of dual living plans available for you to customise, building a dual occupancy in Melbourne is easy and worth considering. We are expert builders of quality, custom dual occupancy in the Melbourne area so why not call us and explore this type of knock down and rebuild.

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