Your starter guide to timber floors when building a new home

Polished timber floors in an open plan L-shaped living room
Solid Spotted gum floor

Start here as a guide to timber floors when building a new home.

We’ve been talking about home flooring options with people just like you for years now and the appeal of timber floors is impossible to deny and certainly one that people talk about given environmental choices, floor space and lifestyle.

They will suit any home whether a traditional or modern style, new, old or renovated. They are warm, don’t date and require very little maintenance.

Timber floors have come a long way from when they were used as a structural floor. Today there are many different types of species and systems available which can make selecting the right floor for your home confusing.

If you are considering timber floors for your home you will have to choose type, size, grade and species.

There are a number of different floor types which fall under a generic classification of timber floors.

The type of floor you want will influence the price, installation method and longevity. These are all thing we can talk to you about when discussing your plans for your ideal home.

Flooring Options For New Homes

It’s important to understand the type of flooring that is right for your home based on how you live.

Floating floor board options when building are available as a floor board choice. You might also like to consider solid wooden floors as your decision when building new or replacing floor boards. Of course if you want to explore your other flooring options you can read about them in the series – the right choice of flooring – Choosing The Right Floor For Your New Homes. Here we talk about ceramic tiled flooring, bamboo flooring or more about flooring in general.

This series of articles is designed to help you explore flooring options for your new home before you make the wrong choice. It’s a good start but the best thing to do is talk to us first. We are experienced in assisting people choose the right option for new homes before it’s too late.

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