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New dual occupancy on a corner block. Chocolate brick and panel upper, garage and yardFor those of you who know you want a Dual Occupancy Home Design but don't know where to start.

Duplex or Dual occupancy design and construction (dual living homes) is an increasingly popular form of home building.

This type of home design can be lucrative, yet quite complex for the inexperienced. Those considering dual living plans may also like to consider the benefits of dual occupancy as a better way to maximise your investment and either sell both properties, one property or rent one out.

Renmark Homes can advise you on dual occupancy designs and take the stress out of the process.

Through our designers we can offer a full dual occupancy design, home design and build service or purely build your dual occupancy based on a design you have all ready.

Below are the services offered as part of our full dual occupancy design and construct service. Alternatively, view our gallery of dual occ designs and information.

Site appraisal

The very 1st step in this process is to ascertain whether your block is suitable for a dual occupancy knock down and rebuild.

We do this by organising a meeting with our home designer and having them do some preliminary investigations of the site and the planning regulations that may apply to them when considering dual occupancy floor plan designs. This may also require a discussion with council.

For a site appraisal, site dimensions will be required as a minimum along with an idea of what you would like to achieve in a dual occupancy home design for the site.

Conceptual Design

couple talking to a home builder about dual occupancy design plans

As part of the site appraisal you may wish to get a concept design to see what type of dual occupancy floor plan will fit on your block.

Preliminary price guides

A preliminary price guide is a rough building cost guide to give you an idea of what your dual occupancy may cost to build in the Melbourne area.

This cost guide we provide is based on an average of similar projects we have recently completed which means you're getting a realistic idea of budget.

Obtaining a rough idea of building costs before your plans are too advanced can save you thousands of dollars in design fees for something that may not proceed.

Knowing that you can afford to build your dual occupancy home before advancing the drawings will take a lot of stress out of the process and give you peace of mind going forward.

Feasibility study

Our feasibility study of a proposed dual occupancy development, is a great way of getting an indication of how profitable your custom designed dual occ is likely to be.

We can produce a detailed feasibility study for your bank which can include sales analysis, detailed bills of quantities, cash flow projections, stamp duty calculations, GST estimations and interest forecasts for the houses we build for you.

Generally we offer a 2  - 3 week turn around for this service. Call us  on 1300 367 245 for more details.

Town Planning

Once you have decided that you wish to go ahead with your dual occupancy knockdown rebuild, the next step will be the town planning process. Town planning is approval by the council that the proposed dual occupancy design complies with the state planning and council regulations.

This is a formal process which is required when you are proposing to build more than one dwelling on your block. This process is supported by a number of documents and consultants' reports. You will also need to give affected neighbours the opportunity to object to any part of the development that may affect their property.

Town planning can take up to twelve months. Our designers try and have the design comply from the outset to minimise delays. Once the town planning permit is imminent working drawings and engineering can commence.

Renmark Homes in conjunction with our designers can take the stress out of this process by managing the town planning application for you, whilst keeping you informed every step of the way.

Working Plans and Documentation

Renmark Homes can assist in the appointment of consultants for the following documents as part of our full service. Once town planning is likely to be approved the following documents will be required to obtain a fixed price proposal to build, and a building permit. Some of these documents will have been received as part of the town planning process. The rest will be produced once town planning is granted.

  • Soil report
  • Sound reports
  • Civil design (drainage)
  • Structural design
  • Working Plans
  • House Energy Report
  • Storm Report

Subdivision - As part of a dual occupancy construction there is a second process that needs to be done simultaneously with the building. This is called the subdivision process and can be quite daunting for someone that hasn't done it before.

Renmark Homes can provide subdivision services if required.

Land survey – we can refer you to our land surveyor or liaise with them on your behalf. The land surveyor is responsible for drawing up the plan of subdivision to subdivide your block into two. This is particularly important if you wish to sell one or both dwellings prior to completion and also a good reason to consider as an alternative to dual living plans if you were thinking of going down that route.

Authority Services - As part of the subdivision process there needs to be agreement from the utility companies that the proposed development complies with their subdivision requirements. Renmark Homes can organise these works on your behalf and prepare all plans and application forms.

Statement of Compliance Plan Lodgement -  We will follow up compliance status with council after the authority fees and work have been paid for and are completed.

Other services offered:

Construction Management Plans (CMP) - They are typically a town planning permit condition and need to be submitted prior to works commencing for approval by council. Renmark Homes can prepare a CMP  for you to ensure you comply with the permit conditions.

Protection Work Notices - It is not unusual for a dual occupancy building to be built on one or more adjoining boundaries. In such cases protection works notices will need to be issued to the adjoining neighbours. Renmark Homes can prepare these notices on your behalf if required.

Dilapidation Reports (condition reports) - Again with works taking place on or close to boundaries, condition reports are often required prior to you commencing construction to document the condition of the neighbours and council property. Renmark Homes recommends this is done on every job and can assist in preparing such reports for you.

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