Knock Down, Rebuild for Superb Living

Knock Down and Build a Stunning Custom Home

Knocking down the old is a great alternative to renovating your home.

Should I knockdown and rebuild a new home? Renmark Homes knows this is the question that you and many other home owners ask at some stage of their lives.

Owning a house is a big deal, and creating the perfect family home is a common dream that many of us wish to achieve.

There are many reasons why people don't want to leave their local area. Long standing friendships, family, great neighbours, location, schools, accessibility to transport, work, shops and services for example.

Whatever your reason, to knockdown and rebuild your home is an option growing in popularity.

Why are so many  people choosing to demolish and build new?

1. The cost of property in established suburbs continues to rise, and demand for property remains strong. A knockdown and rebuild is more popular in locations where vacant land is scarce and also in sought after areas close to the city, beach or bay and where there is little risk of over capitalizing.

2. Building a new home adds value to your land. Many people bought their home before the values are where they are today. With substantial equity in your land, building new can also increase the value of your property beyond the value of the borrowings. This makes it a sound investment for now and into the future when you look at downsizing.

3. Rather than trying to fix an unworkable floor plan by extending, pulling your hair out over load bearing areas, what walls you can knock out, how to fit rooms into an existing space, building additional levels or raising an existing house, it can be easier and cheaper to start with a clean slate. A knock down & rebuild allows you to choose a custom new home design to suit your needs, rather than trying to modernize an older home.

4. With a knock down & rebuild you can also avoid some of the many costs associated with selling what you have and buying another second hand home. Ten of thousands of dollars can be spent on agent’s commission, stamp duty and legal fees , not to mention the huge stress of selling with the uncertainty of whether you will have a buyer or not.

5. You simply love where you live.

6. Your current block is a good size which is hard to find in new subdivisions.

Some things to consider before deciding on whether a knock down & rebuild is right for you

The best way to determine if you are ready to knockdown and rebuild a custom home is to ask questions and research via people who have actually done it. If you notice that someone in your local area has just done something similar, don’t be afraid to knock on their door and simply ask them about their experiences. Enter the process with an open mind, and ask questions.

A knockdown and rebuild can be a long process. By doing your research, talking to the home building experts and selecting a quality experienced builder, your dream and vision will be soon realized and your family’s lifestyle completely transformed!

Compare what you get for your budget with a knockdown to rebuild as opposed to an equivalent renovation using similar quality design and materials.

Have a think about the feeling of moving into your brand new home after finding alternative accommodation for a while, as opposed to having to live through a renovation or move out for a while only to move back to your old house that has only parts that have been modernized. Moving into your new home that has been designed to be functional and built to your personal style is going to give you that "WOW" factor. We know, we've seen it happen.

Renmark Homes has been rebuilding homes for people just like you for years and years, so we can answer a lot of your questions. Give us a call to make a time to see us and gain the professional advice you require. Once we show you some of the homes we have build based on what our clients' have wanted, you're going to have a hard time wanting to go elsewhere.

Contact us to discuss your dream home and build it your way with Renmark Homes.

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