Laminated flooring for your home

Examples of Colour Options of Laminated Floor Boards for New Home

Are you considering timber laminate flooring for your home?

Timber laminate flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option in new homes due to its ability to simulate the aesthetic warmth of hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost.

Just as it does for your kitchen cabinets and bench tops, laminated flooring also comes in a range of finishes and colours, meaning you also get the flexibility to select a finish that will compliment the unique style of your new custom home.

Laminated flooring is comprised of composite wood pressed together at a high temperature onto which an image of wood grain is applied to achieve the hardwood simulation. The wood composite is then cut into planks, onto which a clear, hard laminate layer is applied, giving it the sheen of polished floorboards and durability of laminate.

Laminated timber flooring comes out of the factory pre-finished, clicks into position easily and can be easily cut down to size, making it easy and cost effective to install. The end product is hard-wearing and water resistant, and when properly maintained will have a long life.

The quality of the laminate finish can vary, and this will have an impact on how water resistant the finished floor will be, as well as how quickly you need to act to clean up any spills or water leaks. The finish also means that laminate floors require special care to minimise chemical or water damage from cleaning, and usually come with their own special cleaning products and instructions to mitigate that risk. If the floor is damaged, it is possible, albeit time consuming, to replace a damaged plank by disassembling the floor from the outside in.

A final difference to note is that timber laminate floors do not produce the same sound as hardwood floorboards underfoot. The laminate finish produces a much softer sound and will not deliver the same hollow sound as their hardwood equivalent.

If you are considering timber laminate flooring for your custom new home, there are a few things our team would recommend you consider when making your decision including – likelihood and frequency of possible spills and other such accidents; family dynamics and lifestyle; your overall unique style and interior design vision.

When you build with Renmark Homes, our team are on hand to walk you through the process of choosing your new floors and will make sure you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your custom new home. Contact us today for your personalised consultation and build it your way with Renmark Homes.