Laminated flooring for your home

Selecting Laminated flooringWhat You Should Know About Selecting Laminated Flooring for your Home

Laminated flooring is becoming more popular, and not just for those on a tight budget. Just like it does for your kitchen cabinets and bench tops, laminated flooring comes in a range of finishes and colours. Laminated flooring is dramatically less expensive than timber floorboards, is water resistant and is very durable.

What Is Laminated Flooring Made Of?

Laminated flooring is comprised of composite wood pressed together at high temperature. Laminated flooring simulates timber flooring by using a photograph of wood grain that is applied to the composite wood backing. This results in a plank with the wood grain features of natural wood. A clear, hard layer is then placed on the top, giving it its sheen and durability. Hence the term laminated. Because it is not manufactured from real wood or wood veneers, this makes it a far more cost effective option, especially for new homeowners with a limited budget who like the look and warmth of timber floors.

How Is Laminated Flooring Assembled?

Laminated flooring comes out of the factory prefinished and clicks into position easily making it a great product for the DYI enthusiast.

Although it simulates solid timber flooring, its down side is that can look and feel like plastic, which has a reputation as a budget flooring. It can also feel a bit spongy under foot.

If you are looking at building new or renovating this flooring option is one that should not be over looked.

How Do You Decide On The Type Of Laminated Flooring For Your Home?

There are a number of components you will need to consider when choosing laminated flooring for your home. The floor you choose will be part of the process we talk you through when looking to build your custom home. We have a consultant that can help you make these choices based on your individual taste, the furniture you intend on using in your home, your lifestyle and your interior design options. If you do decide on using laminated flooring you can look at a variety of options; such as the oak look,  gum, blue gum and Jarrah to name just a few.

Flooring Options For New Homes

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This series of articles is designed to help you explore flooring options for your new home. We hope you find this information useful in choosing the right floor for you.

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