Single Storey Home Designs

Single Storey Floor Plans

While single storey homes are not as popular as our double storey homes, having a single storey floor plan can be a great benefit if you want to avoid stairs now or for when you are older. Single storey plans can work really well if your block of land is quite large but keep in mind you also have the option of a basement if the block is smaller and you want to maximise the use of your land.

If you are looking to build a custom home and a single storey design appeals, then feel free to download one of our plans. Our floor plans and elevations are there for you to download, print and play around with. Most are inter changeable with each other and all are able to be tweaked to achieve exactly what you want for your block of land. Whether it be a vacant block or a knock down of your home and a rebuild, Renmark Homes can bring your custom new home plans to reality.

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