Double Storey Dual occupancy home with brown brick lower and panel upper, garage on right and chocolate brown fence paling on top fo rendered fenceRenmark Homes - Leading Home Builders Highton

With over 30 years experience building new homes with a specialty in custom homes, dual occupancy, building on difficult sites, homes with basements and knockdown rebuild projects, Renmark Homes are proud to be building new homes in Highton.

We believe we are your best choice for building a home you truly love in the Geelong area.

As a prestigious suburb of Geelong, Highton is often chosen due to block sizes still being large enough for a luxury home or dual occupancy, the style of homes in the area, vicinity to shopping hubs such as Highton Shopping area, Waurn Ponds or Geelong Waterfront and proximity to beautiful beaches such as Torquay or the Great Ocean Road surf coast.

With so many wonderful options at your feet, having us build a custom home for you in Highton is a true lifestyle choice.

Highton Home Designs

When looking at having a new home built that is exactly as you have always wanted, you may also want to consider the style of the homes in your street. Highton has a mix of the old and the new.

The issue with buying an existing home is that there will be things that you don't like about it. That's where building a custom home is valued. You get to choose exactly what you want in your home down to the smallest detail such as home inclusions, fittings and fixtures and all the mod cons you want.

We recommend you start a journal and capture home designs, colours, styles, patterns and features you see in other homes. Take advantage of your current accommodation and note down things that you don't have where you currently live that would make living easier if they were added to your new home.

All of your ideas will help with your home design and the decision making process. At Renmark Homes, we make you part of the team so we will work closely with you and your ideas to provide the guidance you need from concept to completion of your dream home.

New Home Options

Dual Occupancy

You may not have considered the fantastic opportunity that awaits with a dual occupancy development. If you're conscious about your budget and would either like to live in a dual occ or see it as a stepping stone due to a sound financial choice that leads to your next custom home then it's definitely worth a conversation with us.

Custom Homes

Alternatively, a custom home is your other choice. This popular option is for the discerning who truly want the choice of what goes into their home, to enhance their style of living. Couple that with Highton 3216 and you may choose this as your final living destination.

Knock Down /Demolish and Rebuild

Found a block you love in a location of Highton that you want to live but the home is in a dilapidated state? Or, live in a home that is old but want to stay where you are? Our knockdown and rebuild home service will be the best option for you.

Renmark Homes has many years experience providing this type of home building service and can provide the right home building advice resulting in a home you absolutely love.

Why People Choose Renmark Homes

Our home building process has been refined and is tried and tested over 30 years. We are expert builders and due to our experience, are leaders in difficult site builds. The fact that we are able to build on sloping sites and incorporate basements into homes is something we are proud of as it takes expert builders to provide these types of home building services.

Our clients love that they are consulted and are part of the team when we build homes for them. They know what is happening and when and are not left wondering.

We provide guidance to ensure you understand your home building costs and so there are no nasty surprises.

We are leaders in custom homes and we know you will be glad you spoke with us. Give our friendly team a call today on 1300 367 245 and take the next exciting step toward your dream home today.


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