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With the price of land continuing to rise in Melbourne and the idea of a lifetime mortgage a deterrent, dual occupancy homes are becoming a popular option.

If you live in the established suburbs of Melbourne you will find that block sizes can be quite large and well suited to a knock down and dual occupancy rebuild with Renmark Homes Melbourne.

Dual occupancy homes have become a preferred option in the Melbourne new home market. All too often people that are looking to downsize only have townhouse or apartments as a new home option in mind.

These are often too small, have more than two dwellings on one block and most importantly are governed by a stringent and expensive body corporate rules.

With dual occupancy homes you get to downsize your land but still have a spacious new dwelling located in the street and suburb you love. With the majority of dual occupancy homes built in Melbourne being side by side they are treated as a single home on a single block. This means that you avoid the body corporate, have individual services and a title - free of any common property. With dual occupancy homes you will still enjoy a small front yard and a comfortable private court yard.

Renmark Homes Melbourne is an experienced dual occupancy builder. We listen to what you would like in a home, provide advice and are there every step of the way to guide you so, once your home is designed and built, you'll be living in a house made just for you.

More recently we have seen a big shift to dual occupancy homes to take advantage of the benefits offered by these types of buildings.

We think you'll love this idea and welcome you to get in touch with us now to discuss how a dual occupancy design is an option worth considering.

Our designers can assist with a site appraisal, yield analysis, custom dual occupancy design, and manage the town planning process for you through council.

Learn more about this style of home with our helpful article on dual occupancy

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