New bathroom with white vanity toilet and back in background with privacy glazing windows

Glazing Options for Windows

There are a range of glazing options available that can deliver a broad range of functional and aesthetic benefits to your custom new home depending on your budget and requirements. Whether your priority is energy efficiency, privacy, security or purely aesthetic, advances in technology and construction methods have made it possible to achieve more customisation …

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Choosing Window Frames for new homes

Frames For Windows

Comparing Window Frames for your Custom New Home When we think about energy rating of windows for a custom new home, our minds often go straight to glazing. But there is an often overlooked detail that will be equally important in delivering insulating properties to your home, as well as a host of other functional …

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Window Sashes for new Homes

Sash Types For Windows

What different types of window sashes are available for your custom new home? Once a purely functional consideration in a new home, advances in design and technology have seen windows elevated to a design feature with both functional and aesthetic properties. Driven by greater demands on energy efficiency and a move towards unique, statement custom …

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