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stunning new home outdoor area, wooden decking and poolMaribyrnong is a popular location to build and we have built many a custom home to reflect a variety of lifestyles in this area. If you are seeking a view over the Maribyrnong River from your prestige home or you want a custom designed home that is built with you in mind, then Renmark Homes are the right new home builder Maribyrnong for you.

Designing a custom home takes experience and knowledge of the home building process. It's not the same as building a display home which is done according to set plans that someone else has already used. Those who come to us are seeking a unique architect designed home that is built just for them. It's a little more special as it incorporates elements based on each person's ideas.

  • New Home Designs

A custom home is based on a new home design. A custom home builder works with a unique blue print that is based on a home that has been designed just for you. With a custom home you get to pick and choose size, styles, room options, inclusions and the finer details. If you are a discerning home owner then Renmark Homes is the perfect choice for designing and building your new home.

For those of you that already have a home floor plan design completed, you can feel confident that Renmark Homes will take your home design and built it to your specification.

  • When to Consult a Home builder

What many people don't necessarily know is that the best approach is to speak with a builder who also provides the home floor plan designs. By consulting a builder during the design phase you are likely to benefit from cost savings and the right advice before the new home designs are complete.

Often, people have a floor plan design for their home and a custom builder such as Renmark Homes will need to tell them what they want may not be achievable and extra costs come up by having the home designer make adjustments.

  • Inside and Outside your New Home

It's easy to overlook the outside of your home as most of the detail goes on what to include inside your home. Further, the landscaping takes place once your home is built. It's a good idea to think about budgeting for the outdoors.

Indoor outdoor entertaining is popular in Australia. If you have a small block then Renmark Homes has ample experience working with narrow or small blocks. It's also worth considering large doors at the rear to open out your house to allow for more space and let the outdoors come in.

  • New Home Inclusions

Often people want their own custom home as it gives them the opportunity to include their dream list. Home inclusions vary in cost and can impact your budget. Deciding on tap-ware, architraves, staircase designs, lighting, room sizes, flooring, etc. are all things you can have fun with and create a home you truly love.

A great new home builder Maribyrnong will give you the right guidance to achieve the ideal look and feel for a home you have always wanted. Speak with us today as a builder who has built a number of beautiful, custom new homes in the area.

Contact us to discuss your dream home and build it your way with Renmark Homes.

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