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Prestige double fronted home with two garages on sloping siteTorquay in Victoria, has long been a popular destination and seaside town close to the Great Ocean Road, southwest of Melbourne, where people decide is the perfect place to build a prestige home and engage Renmark Homes ; leading home builders.

With beaches like Bells Beach and Jan Juc just a quick drive away and  for perfect Summer outings; , it's understandable that you would want a custom home built in this location.

Being close to a thriving hub which is Geelong, there's plenty of options for work, shopping, socialising or just relaxing and enjoying your new home in Torquay.

Starting with a Home Design for Living Near the Ocean

One of your first steps is to find land or, land and a home that you may want to knock down and rebuild. Advice on home design and all parts of the building process is where we provide expert guidance.

At Renmark Homes we are all about making you an integral part of our team, and our clients value that we are a family run business.

Our aim is to assist you through the home building process with your lifestyle choices and achieving those goals so you have a new home you truly love.

Land to Build on in Torquay Victoria

Torquay offers a variety of land sizes for building a beautiful architecturally designed home. Consider how close to the ocean you wish to live, whether you would like to build on a sloping site, how close to shops or other facilities and whether the land has an existing home and would be a knockdown and rebuild. Is it a retirement home or are you looking for a large family home. Dual Occupancy is also a great way to capitalise on your investment.

What to Consider When Building in Torquay

Your local council for Torquay is Surfcoast Shire. We suggest you speak to them about restrictions before you purchase your land or property so you have a good idea about what you can and cannot do, especially if you want to knock down an old home and have us build a new custom home for you. Otherwise, our team can help to answer any home building questions for the Torquay area.

Familiarise yourself with types of house designs in the street you are looking to build.

If you travel or expect family, work out how long it takes to go from Melbourne to Torquay.

Why a Custom Home?

When you engage a custom home builder such as Renmark Homes to build your home in Torquay, you get to truly choose everything you have ever wanted in a home to suit your lifestyle. You are not limited by set inclusions, display home build restrictions nor set home designs. Whether you want single, double or triple storey (to take in an ocean view perhaps?) , the choice is yours.

We have built homes on all types of blocks. We are expert custom home builders; including knockdown and rebuild, sloping site builders and dual occupancy builders.

We welcome you to call us to discuss designing and/or building your prestige home at your selected location in Torquay.

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