Eaglemont 3084 VIC is the Perfect Location to Build an Architecturally Designed Home

Eaglemont Village Cafe
'The Dish'- popular local cafe for Eaglemont Residents. http://eaglemontvillage.com.au/

Leafy tree lined streets, an old fashioned strip of shops frequented by locals on foot, wide roads and houses built with design in mind; paints the perfect picture as somewhere to have us build you a luxury home or even a mansion in the beautiful suburb that is Eaglemont in Victoria. If you're ready to select an architectural builder in Melbourne then Renmark homes is a must have in your choice.

Eaglemont 3084 Facilities

Eaglemont has it's very own train stop situated on the back of the local shops. If you need some fresh fruit and vegies or even a bit of fancy fare then 'The Dish' is a popular cafe for singles and families. This traditional 'street front' shops adds character and charm to the area and a strong sense of community.

Flanked by suburbs such as Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe East, Heidelberg and Bulleen, Eaglement is close to major shopping hubs. Chelsworth Park is a popular destination for recreation and Green Acres Golf Club is walking distance for some.

If you are building a home with children on the 'to do', then your options for day care and schools are wide as Ivanhoe Girl's, Ivanhoe Grammar (Co-ed), Ivanhoe Primary School and Ivanhoe East Primary are sure to be great choices. The Austin hospital is also nearby in Heidelberg.

Land to Build on in Eaglemont Victoria

Eaglemont still offers large land sizes for building a beautiful architecturally designed home. Alternatively, some of our happy clients have chosen to buy an old house and have Renmark Homes knock down and rebuild. Certainly, there is a mix of new homes and old with low density in this suburb of Melbourne. If Eaglemont is your 'must live in' suburb and you cannot afford a large block or large mortgage then speak to us about Dual Occupancy building.

If you're interested in statistics on growth for Eaglemont then you can find out more here.

What to Consider When Building in Eaglemont

Your local council for Eaglemont is banyule City Council. We suggest you speak to them about restrictions before you purchase your land or property so you have a good idea about what you can and cannot do, especially if you want to knock down an old home and have us build a new custom home for you. Some people even approach existing home owners of older homes to find out if they would sell. That way they can build in the spot that suits them and knockdown the existing property.

It's always a great idea to drive around the suburb you wish to build in. That way you can get a sense of the design of homes and where you would consider building your home based on the position of the facilities. For example, if you intend to walk to the train station you would work out walking distance from your house.

Home Designs Eaglemont

If you're not sure where to start with the design of your home you have a couple of options.

1. Speak to Renmark Homes

Renmark Homes is known for the quality of our homes. We build prestige, custom built homes and also specialise in dual occupancy for those who want to reduce the size of their mortgage. Dual occupancy is a smart way to build as it allows you to build two homes on one block. You can live in one and still rent or sell the other.

We can walk you through the esign process and have a team we work with who can design you the home of your dreams; fully suited to your lifestyle.

2. Design it Yourself

Start, as mentioned above, by visiting Eaglemont and get a feel for home design in the area. Have a look on some real estate sites for interior design ideas. Keep in mind that you cannot just use another builder or architect's design without their permission as home designs are most often copyrighted.

Collect some design ideas including cut-outs from magazines and create a board. Sketch out some ideas and don't forget the landscaping. If, after going through your own home design process, you need assistance, then you can bring your ideas to us.

Eaglemont offers a combination of elegance with a relaxed affluent feel. If, after doing your research, you decide that this is your place to live then give us a call on 1300 367 245 and let's have a conversation.

Why a Custom Home?

If you truly want a home that has your own style and accounts for your own sense of living then an architecturally designed and built new home is definitely your best choice. You can request your own fittings and fixtures and choose room sizes in line with your lifestyle. You won't have to make a study your third bedroom. You have many choices and with our guidance you will be pleased you chose us to build your prestige home. Speak to us about the type of financial investment needed to create your custom home.