new home showing large kitchen, polished floor boards, charcoal cabinetry with marble centre bench, large windows, window backed stove area for viewing outdoors and large floorspace.Belmont Home Builders With 30+ Years Building Luxury Homes.

Leading the way with new homes, Renmark Homes are proud to be building stunning, lifestyle driven homes for Belmont Vic 3216.

Take advantage of your choices in living and build a new home with us.

With over 30 years experience building homes that people absolutely love, we have a reputation for quality, expertise and an approach that has our clients at the fore of the process.

Speak with the home building experts about custom homes, dual occupancy designs, knockdown and rebuild, homes with basements or building your home on a sloping site to find out if you are the right fit with us.

Home Designer

If you need a concept to completion home building service then Renmark Homes will work closely with you to achieve your desired result.

The benefits of working with our home design team and then building with us can mean the design meets the required specifications of your builder which is passed on through cost and time savings. With our advice up-front on your home design ideas, you will have less design alterations and be provided with the right guidance.

Belmont Victoria 3216 - The Perfect Place for a More Relaxed Lifestyle

If you have your heart set on Belmont as the place for Renmark Homes to build your new home then now is the time to start collating your house design ideas and home 'wish list'. When we build custom homes, it's true to the word. You get to choose everything you have ever wanted based on your home building budget.

Do your research and select images of elements of homes that you like, see our gallery and floor plans for home ideas from which you can tweak to suit. Start detailing inclusions such as tapware, door handles, windows, sliding doors, floor layout and room sizes. These are all your choices, and more, and it's an exciting time selecting what you want in your ideal home.

We include you as part of our team - not separate from it and certainly, not what can happen with some builders where you have no idea what stage your home is at or whether it is going to plan.

Renmark Homes are expert builders for Belmont, Geelong, Torquay, Bellarine Peninsula and the Surfcoast. We also build in select suburbs across Melbourne's North Western suburbs.

Decide on your Home Type

Already have a home on the land

For those of you who love the location in Belmont but the home is in need of renovation, we recommend considering a knockdown and rebuild.

Temporarily, you will need alternative living arrangements. This may be with family or renting, until your new home is complete and ready for handover.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about knockdown and rebuild as an option for building your home.

Want to Capitalise on Home Building?

If you're looking to save or invest then you'll be glad to know that Renmark Homes are specialist dual occupancy / duplex builders. in the regions of Geelong, Torquay, Bellarine Peninsula, Surfcoast, Essendon and the North Western suburbs of Melbourne.

The concept of duplex or dual occupancy development is that you get two properties on the one block. You can then decide to live in one and sell off the other or live in one and rent out the other. Otherwise, you can sell both properties and then build a new home or dual occ again in your next chosen location.

Ask us how this works and we'll be happy to answer your questions so you make the right choice.

Custom Home

A custom home can be built from a knockdown and rebuild or on a vacant block of land you are looking to purchase in the Belmont area. Unlike display homes, a custom built home means you are not stuck with the few options provided but you truly have abundant choices for your home.

It may be that the land you have is on a sloping site. It takes a particular level of expertise to build on a difficult or sloping block of land and Renmark Homes is a leader when it comes to building on a sloping site. It's similar with building basements. Not all builders are able to effectively build a basement as part of the home.

Renmark Homes are specialist custom home builders for Belmont, Geelong area and Melbourne's North West. Find out more about why Renmark Homes are chosen to build prestige homes.

Get started with us today toward a home you love.


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