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Choosing Renmark Homes to Build Your Custom Home in Ascot Vale

Custom Built Home in Ascot Vale

It takes a certain level of expertise to build custom homes. Renmark Homes are expert custom home builders for the Ascot Vale area.

We've seen the results of homes that have been built by builders with no expertise. In fact, we've also stepped in to save those homes for their owners who lost time and money by choosing the wrong builder.

Here at Renmark Homes, we have a tried and true process that involves you every step of the way.

We hope the following information is useful if you are considering having your new home built in Ascot Vale.

Building a Home in Ascot Vale

Building is a good option for Ascot Vale. With buying prices for a home reaching over one million, why would you choose something that means you have to compromise of living choices?

Ascot Vale has a lot to offer; it's close to the city via public transport, it has a range of businesses via the Union Rd shops and there's a mix of people living there.

It's a fairly popular suburb however, there are some that are put off by the council housing. Suburb profiles do change over time though, as the city expands, and if you're looking to capitalise then maybe a dual occupancy build is an option for you. You then have the choice of living in one property and renting or selling the other. Alternatively, you may use dual occupancy as a stepping stone to a custom home. Renmark Homes are specialist dual occupancy builders and custom home builders and we know that once you build with us once, you'll choose us again for a second home, as some of our second home clients have.

Whatever suburb you choose, make sure you do some research of the area and surrounding suburbs such as Essendon, Maribyrnong and Keilor.

Contact us to discuss your dream home and build it your way with Renmark Homes.

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