Registered Builder

Registered Builder Melbourne

Always Check to see if you are dealing with a registered builder such as Renmark Homes It’s not something you think will ever happen but unfortunately it does. People make bad decisions and place their home or a substantial amount of money in the hands of a builder without doing a builder licence check. Here …

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Selecting a builder for your new home

Selecting a Builder

Don’t let your dream home become a nightmare. What you should know before selecting a builder for your new home Before you decide to sign a contract to build your new home, some basic due diligence can help you avoid turning your dream into a nightmare. All too often people sign contracts without proper checks …

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Comparing building quotes

Comparing Building Quotes

Comparing Building Quotes is not an easy process When comparing building quotes it pays to do your homework. It’s human nature to try and get the cheapest price possible when buying anything. That’s why we like to shop around, whether it’s a pair of shoes, a car or a new home. As with most things …

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