alternative to display home builders

Alternative To Display Home Builders

Yes, there is an alternative to Display Home Builders If you’re reading this post it means you are looking for an alternative to display home builders and in that case, need a custom home builder such as Renmark Homes who has years of experience building stunning, architecturally designed homes. Sometimes you just don’t want a …

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House floor plan scrolls around model home

How to read floor plans

How to read floor plans – Part 2 In the previous article, Part 1, we discussed the basic elements of a house plan to help you understand how to read floor plans. In this article we will cover the remaining components of a floor plan so you will have a basic understanding on how to read house floor …

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Up slope luxury custom home. built by Renamark Homes in Valley Lake - Niddrie

Building on an Upslope Block

Some Challenges when Building on an Upslope Block. Building on an upslope block you will be faced with a different set of challenges to a down slope block. An upslope block will rise up from the front to the rear of the site. In this scenario you generally will walk up to the front door or …

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The Barwon | Custom Built Variation | Double Storey Range

Building on a down slope block

Building on a down slope block can be challenging When building on a down slope block the first thing to consider is the degree of slope that you will have to deal with. Generally the steeper the block the more challenging the building will be. A down slope block goes downhill when looking at it from the …

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up slope site with digger levelling out slope

Building on a sloping site

Understanding the Challenges of Building on a Sloping Site Building on a sloping site is both a problem and a gift. The problem is that it adds complexity and therefore cost to the project. The gift; when you’ve finished you’ll have a much more interesting home that sometimes lends itself to views that others won’t …

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Block orienation

House block orientation

Good Block Orientation Find Out Why Good House Block Orientation is Important When Buying Land Good design starts with choosing a house block with the right orientation. The right house block orientation is one that allows the main daytime living and outdoor areas to be facing north. When looking to buy a block of land, a …

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Buying a block of Land

Buying a block of land

Do your research before buying land for your custom home. Know what questions you should ask when buying a block of land Buying a block of land is the first step in building your new custom home. This seems a simple enough task, but choosing the wrong block of land can have far reaching implications …

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Pen and new home building contract

Selecting a builder for your new home

Don’t let your dream home become a nightmare. What you should know before selecting a builder for your new home Before you decide to sign a contract to build your new home, some basic due diligence can help you avoid turning your dream into a nightmare. All too often people sign contracts without proper checks …

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house plans, house keys and a spread of 100 dollar notes

Comparing building quotes

Comparing Building Quotes is not an easy process When comparing building quotes it pays to do your homework. It’s human nature to try and get the cheapest price possible when buying anything. That’s why we like to shop around, whether it’s a pair of shoes, a car or a new home. As with most things …

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Grey floor tiles with cutting instrument, ruler and pencil

Ceramic Floor tiles for your home

Are you considering ceramic or porcelain tiles for your new home? ‘Ceramic tile’ has become a generic term that applies to a wide range of tiles made from fired clay. While the term is generic, there are differences in the products that fall under it which can have an impact on the cost, appearance and …

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