Fixed Price Building Contract – What you Need to Know

 Renmark Homes often get asked if the contract to build a home is a fixed price building contract. Under Victorian law building contracts are fixed price. There are some exceptions to this such as a cost plus contract. That said why does the end price more often than not, cost more than the contract price? …

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Registered Builder

Registered Builder Melbourne

Always Check to see if you are dealing with a registered builder such as Renmark Homes It’s not something you think will ever happen but unfortunately it does. People make bad decisions and place their home or a substantial amount of money in the hands of a builder without doing a builder licence check. Here …

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Frames For Windows

Choosing Window Frames for new homes

Choosing Frames for Windows When Building a New Home Choosing frames for windows when building a new home is one of those things you may not have given much thought to. The Frames are important for the aesthetic appeal and also the functionality. That functionality will also depend on the types of sashes you want …

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Foundations for sloping blocks when building a home

Foundations for Building a New Home Waffle Slab

Understanding Foundations for down slope blocks when building on a steep site Foundations in down slope homes can be a bit more challenging than an up slope home. The foundation system to be used will be influenced by the grade of the slope. It is not unusual to have a combination of different foundation systems …

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How to read floor plans

House Plans

An article from our series How to read floor plans Part 2 In the previous article, Part 1, we discussed the basic elements of a house plan to help you understand how to read floor plans. In this article will cover the remaining components of a floor plan so you will have a basic understanding on how to read …

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Building on an upslope block

Up slope luxury custom home. built by Renamark Homes in Valley Lake - Niddrie

An article from our series Some challenges when Building on an upslope block. Building on an upslope block you will be faced with a different set of challenges to a down slope block. An upslope block will rise up from the front to the rear of the site. In this scenario you generally will walk up …

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Building on a down slope block

The Barwon | Custom Built Variation | Double Storey Range

An article from our http://www. series Building on a down slope block can be challenging When building on a down slope block the first thing to consider is the degree of slope that you will have to deal with. Generally the steeper the block the more challenging the building will be. A down slope block goes downhill when …

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