Dual occupancy homes

Dual Occupancy Homes Dual Occupancy Homes   Dual Occupancy Homes 

Dual occupancy homes – talk to the experts

With the price of land continuing to rise in Melbourne, dual occupancy homes are becoming a popular option.

When considering a knock down and rebuild a dual occupancy is a great way take advantage of inner Melbourne’s larger blocks.

Dual occupanDual-occupancy-builder-strathmorecy means splitting one larger block into two smaller ones.

Dual occupancy homes have grown in popularity due to their broad appeal and versatility.

Unlike a townhouse or apartment which can be small, a dual occupancy means you can down size the land and still have a comfortable new home.

Renmark Homes is an experienced dual occupancy builder. If you are seriously thinking of building a dual occupancy home we would a good place to start.

For more information read our article http://www.renmarkhomes.com.au/unlock-your-propertys-potential-with-a-dual-occupancy-development/






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