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9 Steps to Building a New Home

9 Steps to Building a New Home

Building a new home? These 9 Steps to Building a New Home will help you understand the process.

9 steps to building a new home

1. Initial Introduction (1st Meeting) Call us on 1300 367 245
Either face to face or by telephone we can discuss your building project and the services we can provide for you. We will talk to you about your general home ideas and the block and advise on any issues or cost implications that may impact the design and costs of building your home.
At this meeting we will refer you on to our designers where a fee proposal can be given to design you home .

2. Client Brief (2nd Meeting)
Meet our designer for a more formal discussion on your specific requirements for your home. At this meeting bring your scrap book of ideas to help them understand what you want your home to look and feel like. This meeting will form the basis of the concept design.

3.  Concept Design
Once a deigner has been appointed a conceptual design of the floor plan and front elevation will be provided shortly after the client brief meeting. This is now left with you to review and advise changes to plan. Upon receipt of the concept plan we will prepare a preliminary estimate to ensure the home is still within your budget range. At this stage soil reports and site survey will be organised.

4. Final Design Sign Off
Once you have approved the concept drawings, the designer will submit either for developer approval if you are in a new guideline controlled estate, or to our building surveyor for a preliminary check of the plan. These drawings and any changes required will become the basis of the working plans.

5. Working Documentation
Once you have approved the final sign off, preparation of the Working Drawings and the Structural Engineering documents can begin. It is at this stage that the Designer will also organise the House Energy Report.

If you have  your own plans for us to quote, the process will commence here after our 1st meeting.

6. Final Price to Build or Quote Request
Upon receipt of all documentation we will finalise a fixed price to build your home. At this stage final inclusion listing (wish list) will be discussed to ensure all your luxury items are in your quote.

7. Building Permits
Once the quote is accepted and a fixed price contract is ready to be signed we will submit your plans to obtain a building permit.

8. Construction
Once contracts have been signed, warranty insurance issued and a building permit received, your home will be

Building A New Home

scheduled for a start; generally within 3 – 6 weeks of contract signing and receipt of building permit.

9. Completion
Project has reached final completion and ready to be handed over. This is the step that has you smiling!

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